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I Will Follow You

Evening Devotion

Psalm 37:vs 4-6

Delight yourself in the Lord

And He shall give you the desires of your heart

Commit your way  to the Lord

Trust also in Him

And he shall bring it to pass

He shall bring forth your righteousness as the light

And justice as the noonday

I Will Follow You

Lord You have convinced me, that I need to start again

Taking all the lessons learned, I will follow You my friend

You never have abandoned  me, You caught my every tear

And when I thought the end was near, you whispered child please don’t fear

For you are still my daughter no matter what you do and say

I’ve written my name upon your heart and there it will always stay

Regardless of your performance I didn’t come to judge

I want just to love you, I never hold a grudge

So let go of your anger, let not bitterness take hold

And I will restore you to my church, I’ll return you to the fold

There will still be trials but the holy spirit will be there

For you felt my holy breath ,in the rushing of the wind I brought to bear

Now that you trust me I can help you build a better life

Full of  my goodness I will lead you to the light

I will fight your battles I will be your sight

And all that you’ve been through, I will use it all

To help you minister to others  no matter what their  port of call

Keep your heart wide open, full of compassion for the broken

And I will bring to pass a life full of joy, for you’re the one I ‘ve chosen

Drown Proofing

Definition of Drown Proofing :a survival technique, for swimmers or nonswimmers, in which the body is allowed to float vertically in the water, with the head submerged, the lungs filled with air, and the arms and legs relaxed, the head being raised to breathe every ten seconds or so. Origin of drownproofing Expand

Drown Proofing with God

I slowly sink

He lifts me up

I slowly sink

He lifts me up

I slowly sink

He lifts me up

Isaiah 66:13

As a mother comforts her child,

 So I will comfort you

Just keep swimming but let God be your Life Saver










Who could thank the Lord

As I mentioned in the last blog I am now off Lyrica and the Lord was with me and made this change easier for me to do because I know that he is always there and I can call upon his strength. In stead of letting panic set when at times I felt weird. I was able to talk with him in prayer and work through it. Having such a powerful Allie is such a privilege. I am nervous about going back to work but as a good friend told me this morning don’t worry the Lord goes with you and I say a big Amen to that. Right now I am putting my mind back into fighting these diseases instead of giving up. The Lord has not given us a spirit of timidity but a spirit of power love and a sound mind. This means he has already given me the tools to complete any job he brings my way. My only job is not to get distracted and focus on Him and His word and believe it.



Who could thank the Lord

Who could thank the Lord above for everything He does

The words you’d need just would not come, there would not be enough applause

To adequately thank him for all his love and care

For keeping me out of harms way in a world that is not fair

And despite my feeble attempt to follow Him, I often do get lost

Somehow I forget that I’m the sheep and the Great Shepherd is the boss

But always he calls back to me, so often ,I now know his voice

Tenderly he crones to me and makes my heart rejoice

And His hands they stand me up again ready to deploy

On any errand he would have me do, I want so much to please

Trying to trust Him honestly when I can’t see the forest from the tree’s

But still he is always faithful, no matter what my state of mind

And in this world he always hold me untill the end of time










Lord I am still here, waiting for Your word

Meditating on Your goodness as  I wait for the tide to turn

Away from all this hopelessness that will lead me to Your light

I was never more protected as You lead me in the fight

Lord it isn’t easy  waiting here for You

Even though You go out before me and do the things that I can’t do

I know you feel my pain and still your mercy reigns

As I recall all  your promises and the hope that they contain

Lord I am still waiting for You to work Your will

While You bare  all my burdens I will struggle up this hill

And when I reach the summit, I will look behind

To see you carried me through the darkness, you were with me all the time





On the days that I hurt the most

Not feeling so good today my fibromyalgia is flaring up and everything hurts so I will take it easy. I get so frustrated when I try to be active re housework, a little gardening etc and my body just won’t cooperate. It drives me crazy sometimes! But I do love to write poetry,  on days when I am not feeling well I love to study the bible and write. I find it so relaxing. So even in pain there is joy to be found.

On the days that I hurt the most

I find the time to praise and boast

About the tender place I consider my retreat,

In which I praise my Heavenly Host

The truth that is written in my Lord’s own heart, is the wing that shelters me

I am humbled as His love washes over me and gives me eyes to see

That even when times are tough and it seems like the pain will never end

Hard times won’t last for ever and joy is just around the bend

Hidden in the Lord’s promises is a new life custom-made for me

Where pain and strife don’t exist and happiness just won’t let me be

In this world tears, sickness and death disappear, never to be seen again

And fear has gone forever and peace and love transcend

Blocking out all anger, hate and evil, Oh what a glorious day

I get lost thinking about the place the Lord has made for me and all that I will do and say

As I behold the city that is made of gold and the river of life that leads the way

Past the trees of life and the fruit they bear to the throne of mighty God

Where I will bend my knees and bow my head, while I listen to the angels sing aloud




On Dark Days



It’s a quiet Sunday morning. Jim is off working at some car show and it is too hard for me to breathe in this humid weather so I stayed home from church to worship on my own. I am still fighting kidney stones lodged in my left kidney but this week I have had pain in my right kidney as well. But for now my body is quiet and peaceful as I set my mind upon the Lord and all he gives me. Sometimes its easy to focus on what is wrong but when that happens I often forget about all the blessings the Lord has given me and is still giving to me. His love never stops, even when I can’t understand why dark days occur the Lord will use all of it in a way that will glorify Him.

Romans 8:28

We know that all things work together for good

for all who love God, who are called according to his purpose.


On Dark Days

Looking out my window the wonders do I see

Your fingerprints on everything from the ground up to the trees

I hear You calling me, like the whistling of the birds

That cause me to look  into the heavens, ignoring all that has occurred


You have my captured my attention all my woes are far behind

As I enjoy all You’ve created at my front door to find

Even as I am speaking, I see storm clouds pushing in, chasing out the sun

But I hear You reminding me not to come undone


For You O’Lord have taken charge of all that is to come and all that will ever be

I don’t have to worry cause Your love will carry me

Through all the things I cannot face and all the pain I feel

I feel Your hand upon my life and I know that you are real


And You are out there working good on my behalf of what the world intends for evil

This promise to me lifts my heart and makes me feel so gleeful

That such a wonderous Lord like You would do this just for me

renews my hope and gives me strength to endure what will be







You Carry Me

I have had a hard three weeks. I finished up my steroid treatment and the day after my face broke out in swollen blister like legions all over my cheeks just below my eyes and on my for head somewhat like a racoon mask. The emergency dept. did not know what it was so they treated it with steroid cream . My dermatologist diagnosed it as acute roscia and prescribed more cream. The next Sunday I was rushed into the Lindsay Hospital emergency dept. who transferred me to Peterborough Hospital for emergency surgery to remove a kidney stone that was stuck in duct which caused my right kidney to be blocked and swollen. They also detected another kidney stone that was in the left kidney but it was to high up to remove so I will have to try to pass this stone on my own. At first I was not too happy about enduring more pain. But I know you ‘ll help me through this even if you have to carry me.

You Carry Me

You live inside the heart of me, You have a window to my soul

When the outside world comes crashing down I’ll always have You to hold

As I endure times of pain and grief , You see my every tear

You catch it in Your outstretched hand and chase away my fears

In times of uncertainty when I can’t find my way

When my love of life is running low, I bow my head and say

Lord You are my rock that I hold on to, clinging for dear life

You are the only one who has endured it all, You know my pain and strive

For they bound Your hands and feet and nailed You to the cross

Lovingly You died for me , You didn’t care about the cost

So this day I come to You, so tired I can not lift my eyes

And ask You to bare this burden, together you and I

Oh Awesome Lord I thank You for helping me to see

The light between the raindrops, on the days You carry me



Thankful For The Little Things

Sometimes when I am having a day when I really don’t feel well I try to be thankful for the little blessings that show up through the day.

The Lord your God is with you,

he is mighty to save . He will take

great delight in you, he will quiet

you with singing -Zephaniah 3:17


Thankful For The Little Things

Hey Lord it’s me and I am feeling blue, so I turn to talk to You

About the good and not the bad, I concentrate on what I can do

My mind still works and I can spot, the blessings, that linger in the air

My eyes are still good enough to see your beauty, that is everywhere

In white wind-swept hills and icicles that glisten in the sun

Make me smile and reminds me of times  when I was young

Than there is the good feeling of laying by the fire

Dog in my lap just dreaming, of my hearts desire

My creative heart can still write of Your loyalty and all You do for me

Beckoning to Your lost sheep, about the Great  Shepherd that they need

Then there are the animals that You created, that need a helping hand

In a world were people just don’t care enough, I chose to make a stand

To not just love Your people but all that You create

With all You give it’s no wonder by the end of day, I end up feeling great.


The Night Watch


When I remember You on my bed , I

Meditate on You in the night watches.

Because You have been my help, therefore

In the shadow of Your wings  I will rejoice

My soul follows close behind you; Your right

Hands uphold me

Psalm 63:6-8

Anybody who is fighting any kind of chronic illness knows that your symptoms always seem worse at night. I think that’s when I feel most vulnerable. The pain and the horrible sweats and pressure In my chest build up and I don’t want to wake my husband because he needs his sleep. Who I really should  turn to is the Lord.  But I am embarrassed to say that a lot of times I forget that he is available twenty four  seven ready  and wanting to share any burdens I can’t handle. In the times that I can quiet myself and pray, physically I always feel better when I talk  to the Lord. Somehow he takes the edge off the pain or removes it entirely but the best part is I am never alone when I invite him in to help.

The Night Watch

Where do the minutes go as the night slips toward the dawn

When I am all alone, overwhelmed by what I face, how I’d love to sing a new song

I am calling for You Lord in the midst of this storm

To come and take the night watch so I can be transformed

I talk to you about my heavy load you always understand

You offer me warm comfort as you hold me In your hand

Sheltered by your loving wings, You whisper trust in me

And I will show you how to live in Me, in that you can believe

Don’t worry for your future I firmly hold today

We will take each step together and I will show the way

And somewhere between night and dawn the Lord has rocked me back to sleep

Ready to face a new day because his grace runs so very deep


Once again I have caught another respiratory flu that has inflamed my lungs. This is the second  winter in a row that a flu virus has taken hold of me despite taking the recommended precautions and flu shots. This time was a little more scary as it took almost two weeks of hospital visits to get me  and my lungs on the road to recovery.  But despite the intense fear that comes with not being able to breathe I also have the support of a great and awesome God that knew how to step in and comfort me and encourage me when I am in a very dark place. He is my faithful Shepherd that always shines His light and leads me home. I thank God that I am one of his sheep and I do hear His voice that comes calling for me.



Psalm 46:10

Be still and know that I am God:

I will be exalted among the nations

I will be exalted in the earth


Exodus 15:13

In your unfailing love you will lead the people you

have redeemed. In your strength you will guide them to your

holy dwelling



In the midst of this chaos I lose sight of You and I am afraid

That the constant pressure to conform to this world, will win the day

That I will have to give up my dreams because of poor health

Disease has come calling, with great cunning and great stealth

My fight is desperate and it takes my breath away, I feel faint

Engulfing heat rushes over me, swallowing up your soul weary saint

I hear my ragged breathing search for a taste of cool clean air

Panic wells up, as the pain punches through, it’s getting harder to bare

And for a minute I forget, I am still struggling for air

Than a whisper is heard, be still and know I am God, I am here

This too will pass  my child ,you have nothing here to fear

Focus on me so I can take away this burden

My love is constant in this you can be certain

Trust my love through the pain and my healing you’ll gain

Know I’ll never leave you and you don’t fight alone

I go before you, I’ll lead you home

No dreams have to be surrendered if your living life through me

For with God nothing is impossible, even chronic disease