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I Want To Be Different

Lord  you said to me I will restore you through my Church and I snapped back not a chance. I was so hurt I thought there would be no way back , everything was so broken. My health, my heart , my soul all shattered . Nothing left but apathy and neglect I was past luke warm heading  quickly towards cold.  In an attempt to go through the motions of obedience I church hopped never intending to put down roots. I had done that once pledging to do life  with the brethren of God and it was a disaster.  I never stopped believing in Christ but I was done with His church.

But as usual You showed yourself faithful. Despite my  terrible attitude You led me to a spirit filled church and slowly You began to warm up my cynical heart. Now  for the first time in a very long time I am hungry for change. I want to be different set apart by Your love. I no longer want a spirit of timidity. I want a heart full of courage where perfect love casts out fear and regret. Lord I no longer want to look back but move forward. I am asking You to give me a new filling of the holy spirit, one full of  love joy  and excitement.  Lord I am inviting You in and accepting your invitation of  restoration and I will always be grateful for Your unconditional love. Please let my life be a tapestry of  rich and royal hue. A master piece that reflects Your love and mercy because Lord there is no other artist as magnificent as You.




My God Forever Faithful

It has been quite awhile since I have posted and a lot has happened since my last post. Just in case you were wondering the Lord was faithful and we did sell the house in time to buy the new house we had put an offer on.  We moved into the new house on Nov 1st  and had just enough time to put up fencing and refurbish an old outbuilding into a small barn large enough to hold the horse, donkey and three goats . Now what happened to the barn cats you ask?  Well the wild ones were trapped and sent to a neighbouring  farm who agreed to feed and take care of  them . The others are living in a small bunkie on our property  affectionately called the Cat House lol. We were able to run hydro and heat out to  the bunkie  for   the cats and although we restored power to the barn we had to run water out to another out building near by in order to water all the livestock.  Now, not having the water right in the barn is a little inconvenient but the outbuilding holding the water is quite close to the barn so it  all works. The Lord was with us throughout the move and all that work was accomplished in about three weeks. The day after we installed everything the snow came down like crazy  and the ground began to freeze while all the animals were safe and snug inside the new barn. Once again the Lord’s timing was perfect as usual . The new house sits on ten acres and we have lots of groomed trails in the surrounding forest that make dog walking a dream.  But the Lord still had one more surprise in store for  us that made its appearance  after the first heavy snow in Dec and that was the deer. The person  who owned the house before us said he always had deer come to the house but we had lived there for a month and we were starting to doubt his story. Than one morning they just walked in and paid us a visit and  up till now they have been showing up regularly . This is the first time I had ever seen a deer up close and they truley are beautiful to behold.   We have been so blessed by the Lord who has given us so much more than we deserve and we are so thankful!



When my heart is overwhelmed

541When my heart is overwhelmed the Lord has been gracious to me. Even though my health has not been good and my looks have gone I have not been abandon. The Lord has stayed by my side to comfort me.

Currently I am just getting over pneumonia and hoping my breathing will come back in time. Despite the let downs I have had over the last five years  health wise the Lord has blessed me more than I deserve . He has given me a husband who loves me like the Lord loves the Church and I am so grateful for that gift. No matter how bad I look my wonderful husband tell me everyday that he thinks I am beautiful and how much he loves me.

The Lord has also blessed me with my Service Dog in training Riley who is such a big help to me. She is such a cuddle bug and she loves to hug. She will wrap her big hairy paws around my waist lay her head on my shoulder and just hold on to me. Everytime she does this I think to myself this is a little slice of heaven that the Lord left on Earth.

Thank You Lord for your Gifts!

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Drown Proofing

Definition of Drown Proofing :a survival technique, for swimmers or nonswimmers, in which the body is allowed to float vertically in the water, with the head submerged, the lungs filled with air, and the arms and legs relaxed, the head being raised to breathe every ten seconds or so. Origin of drownproofing Expand

Drown Proofing with God

I slowly sink

He lifts me up

I slowly sink

He lifts me up

I slowly sink

He lifts me up

Isaiah 66:13

As a mother comforts her child,

 So I will comfort you

Just keep swimming but let God be your Life Saver










Through Day and Night

I have  been out of the hospital for about a week after my lungs became inflamed with a respiratory flu. I thought I was doing pretty good but suddenly I am having a really bad day. I am having non stop hot flashes and sweats from the steroids which is unpleasant but after feeling really shaky and sick I checked my blood levels because steroids can cause you to become diabetic. I was shocked to see my blood sugar levels at 17 so I have started back on diabetes medication to see if I can bring it down. My doctor has broken her leg in whistler so I am trying to quarter back this untill she is able to fly back to Keswick and resume her practice. In times when I feel so sick I am also so grateful to have my Lord and Savior to talk to and share the load with. Just to have the privilege to pray is a joy and blessing. No matter how dark it gets Jesus will always be the light that the darkness can never put out.

John 1:5

The light shines on through the darkness

and the darkness has never put it out.

Through Day and Night

Whether it is day or night You are always there for me

Through rain or shine or stormy sea’s it’s you love that sets me free

Even if my body is in bondage and nothing is working right

You gentle hand soothes my soul and takes away my fright

Because you’re not the status quo and your power can’t be measured

By any type of man-made tool I am awed at  your mercy love and splendor

I amazed at how you love me and you seek to light my path

To drive away the darkness while holding back your wrath

Because once again I have strayed from you as soon as you bid me follow

But in a great display of forgiveness you never let me wallow

In all my despair and self-pity for all the things that I do wrong

Instead you help to stand me up and teach me to sing a new song

One that tells of your wonderous mercy  that always usher’s in the light

While putting out the darkness and transforming me with your love and might

I am very happy to report that in the time it took to write this and talk to the Lord my sweats have finally stopped for the first time today. I am always amazed how praising Jesus always makes me feel better.