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Thankful For The Little Things

Sometimes when I am having a day when I really don’t feel well I try to be thankful for the little blessings that show up through the day.

The Lord your God is with you,

he is mighty to save . He will take

great delight in you, he will quiet

you with singing -Zephaniah 3:17


Thankful For The Little Things

Hey Lord it’s me and I am feeling blue, so I turn to talk to You

About the good and not the bad, I concentrate on what I can do

My mind still works and I can spot, the blessings, that linger in the air

My eyes are still good enough to see your beauty, that is everywhere

In white wind-swept hills and icicles that glisten in the sun

Make me smile and reminds me of times  when I was young

Than there is the good feeling of laying by the fire

Dog in my lap just dreaming, of my hearts desire

My creative heart can still write of Your loyalty and all You do for me

Beckoning to Your lost sheep, about the Great  Shepherd that they need

Then there are the animals that You created, that need a helping hand

In a world were people just don’t care enough, I chose to make a stand

To not just love Your people but all that You create

With all You give it’s no wonder by the end of day, I end up feeling great.



Through Day and Night

I have  been out of the hospital for about a week after my lungs became inflamed with a respiratory flu. I thought I was doing pretty good but suddenly I am having a really bad day. I am having non stop hot flashes and sweats from the steroids which is unpleasant but after feeling really shaky and sick I checked my blood levels because steroids can cause you to become diabetic. I was shocked to see my blood sugar levels at 17 so I have started back on diabetes medication to see if I can bring it down. My doctor has broken her leg in whistler so I am trying to quarter back this untill she is able to fly back to Keswick and resume her practice. In times when I feel so sick I am also so grateful to have my Lord and Savior to talk to and share the load with. Just to have the privilege to pray is a joy and blessing. No matter how dark it gets Jesus will always be the light that the darkness can never put out.

John 1:5

The light shines on through the darkness

and the darkness has never put it out.

Through Day and Night

Whether it is day or night You are always there for me

Through rain or shine or stormy sea’s it’s you love that sets me free

Even if my body is in bondage and nothing is working right

You gentle hand soothes my soul and takes away my fright

Because you’re not the status quo and your power can’t be measured

By any type of man-made tool I am awed at  your mercy love and splendor

I amazed at how you love me and you seek to light my path

To drive away the darkness while holding back your wrath

Because once again I have strayed from you as soon as you bid me follow

But in a great display of forgiveness you never let me wallow

In all my despair and self-pity for all the things that I do wrong

Instead you help to stand me up and teach me to sing a new song

One that tells of your wonderous mercy  that always usher’s in the light

While putting out the darkness and transforming me with your love and might

I am very happy to report that in the time it took to write this and talk to the Lord my sweats have finally stopped for the first time today. I am always amazed how praising Jesus always makes me feel better.

The Night Watch


When I remember You on my bed , I

Meditate on You in the night watches.

Because You have been my help, therefore

In the shadow of Your wings  I will rejoice

My soul follows close behind you; Your right

Hands uphold me

Psalm 63:6-8

Anybody who is fighting any kind of chronic illness knows that your symptoms always seem worse at night. I think that’s when I feel most vulnerable. The pain and the horrible sweats and pressure In my chest build up and I don’t want to wake my husband because he needs his sleep. Who I really should  turn to is the Lord.  But I am embarrassed to say that a lot of times I forget that he is available twenty four  seven ready  and wanting to share any burdens I can’t handle. In the times that I can quiet myself and pray, physically I always feel better when I talk  to the Lord. Somehow he takes the edge off the pain or removes it entirely but the best part is I am never alone when I invite him in to help.

The Night Watch

Where do the minutes go as the night slips toward the dawn

When I am all alone, overwhelmed by what I face, how I’d love to sing a new song

I am calling for You Lord in the midst of this storm

To come and take the night watch so I can be transformed

I talk to you about my heavy load you always understand

You offer me warm comfort as you hold me In your hand

Sheltered by your loving wings, You whisper trust in me

And I will show you how to live in Me, in that you can believe

Don’t worry for your future I firmly hold today

We will take each step together and I will show the way

And somewhere between night and dawn the Lord has rocked me back to sleep

Ready to face a new day because his grace runs so very deep


Once again I have caught another respiratory flu that has inflamed my lungs. This is the second  winter in a row that a flu virus has taken hold of me despite taking the recommended precautions and flu shots. This time was a little more scary as it took almost two weeks of hospital visits to get me  and my lungs on the road to recovery.  But despite the intense fear that comes with not being able to breathe I also have the support of a great and awesome God that knew how to step in and comfort me and encourage me when I am in a very dark place. He is my faithful Shepherd that always shines His light and leads me home. I thank God that I am one of his sheep and I do hear His voice that comes calling for me.



Psalm 46:10

Be still and know that I am God:

I will be exalted among the nations

I will be exalted in the earth


Exodus 15:13

In your unfailing love you will lead the people you

have redeemed. In your strength you will guide them to your

holy dwelling



In the midst of this chaos I lose sight of You and I am afraid

That the constant pressure to conform to this world, will win the day

That I will have to give up my dreams because of poor health

Disease has come calling, with great cunning and great stealth

My fight is desperate and it takes my breath away, I feel faint

Engulfing heat rushes over me, swallowing up your soul weary saint

I hear my ragged breathing search for a taste of cool clean air

Panic wells up, as the pain punches through, it’s getting harder to bare

And for a minute I forget, I am still struggling for air

Than a whisper is heard, be still and know I am God, I am here

This too will pass  my child ,you have nothing here to fear

Focus on me so I can take away this burden

My love is constant in this you can be certain

Trust my love through the pain and my healing you’ll gain

Know I’ll never leave you and you don’t fight alone

I go before you, I’ll lead you home

No dreams have to be surrendered if your living life through me

For with God nothing is impossible, even chronic disease