I began writing poetry at an early age inspired by my father’s imagination and creative passion. Most of my life has been a fight against a number of diseases but my father made the hard times disappear as we journeyed together into a land of adventure. In an effort to redirect my mind on positive things he began telling me stories. He would turn barren hospital hallways into uncharted forest territories where we would hunt for bear or tigers. He would use hand puppets to disguise scary I.V. sites and we would tell stories to one another about where the puppets lived and the journeys they took. As I outgrew my puppets he spent hours writing stories and poems with me and his love of the creative word took root and stayed in my soul. He is a dreamer of the best kind who stories always uplifted others and made laughter a tool to sooth the soul. Later in my adult life I became a christian who wanted to use the skills my father taught me to glorify my heavenly father.

This blog contains commentary on my walk as a christian and the events that inspire my poetry written on Godspoetbychoice and Godspoetbychoice- The journey continues .It’s my hope that this site uplifts and encourages you in your daily walk


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    • There is a story behind that. I got locked out of my first blog godspoetbychoice-can’t remember my password and I haven’t been well since last july so I decided to talk about the way the Lord is faithful even when your world is turned upside down. I am having an awful time with asthma and I am in and out of the hospital. Tonight when I came home from work I found out that we blew a fuse and the air conditioner had been off all day. Air conditioning is crutial to my breathing so I sat this whole even in the car with the air conditioning running till my room became cool enough to return to. Had lots of time to work on my blog so I still count it as a blessing.

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