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You Carry Me

I have had a hard three weeks. I finished up my steroid treatment and the day after my face broke out in swollen blister like legions all over my cheeks just below my eyes and on my for head somewhat like a racoon mask. The emergency dept. did not know what it was so they treated it with steroid cream . My dermatologist diagnosed it as acute roscia and prescribed more cream. The next Sunday I was rushed into the Lindsay Hospital emergency dept. who transferred me to Peterborough Hospital for emergency surgery to remove a kidney stone that was stuck in duct which caused my right kidney to be blocked and swollen. They also detected another kidney stone that was in the left kidney but it was to high up to remove so I will have to try to pass this stone on my own. At first I was not too happy about enduring more pain. But I know you ‘ll help me through this even if you have to carry me.

You Carry Me

You live inside the heart of me, You have a window to my soul

When the outside world comes crashing down I’ll always have You to hold

As I endure times of pain and grief , You see my every tear

You catch it in Your outstretched hand and chase away my fears

In times of uncertainty when I can’t find my way

When my love of life is running low, I bow my head and say

Lord You are my rock that I hold on to, clinging for dear life

You are the only one who has endured it all, You know my pain and strive

For they bound Your hands and feet and nailed You to the cross

Lovingly You died for me , You didn’t care about the cost

So this day I come to You, so tired I can not lift my eyes

And ask You to bare this burden, together you and I

Oh Awesome Lord I thank You for helping me to see

The light between the raindrops, on the days You carry me



And It Continues TO Rain

The infection in my leg is gone but in its place was low back pain that causes pain to radiate down both legs than the pain settled in the left leg and has been there for ten days. Suspecting my fibromyalgia was flared up in my lower joints I went to the doctor to raise my lyrica when that did not work a trip to the hospital to set up pain management program followed. I keep thinking about that song by Casting Crowns I will praise you in this storm. I have no idea why this parade of non stop illness has started or were it will end I can only hope that the Lord will work all this out for good as only a loving creator can. So untill than I will bow my head and praise him in this storm.


Lord it is still raining and I will lift my hands to You

My eyes peering through the darkness looking for a clue

Faithfully I endure the pain know that its gain

Because I know you’ll use this time to glorify Your Name

I can hear the wind gusts howling through a sleepless night

The thunder and the lightning can give you quite a fright

But I know it won’t rain forever and you’ll make the sun shine once again

And all my pain will fade away, with the thunder and the rain