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When my heart is overwhelmed

541When my heart is overwhelmed the Lord has been gracious to me. Even though my health has not been good and my looks have gone I have not been abandon. The Lord has stayed by my side to comfort me.

Currently I am just getting over pneumonia and hoping my breathing will come back in time. Despite the let downs I have had over the last five years  health wise the Lord has blessed me more than I deserve . He has given me a husband who loves me like the Lord loves the Church and I am so grateful for that gift. No matter how bad I look my wonderful husband tell me everyday that he thinks I am beautiful and how much he loves me.

The Lord has also blessed me with my Service Dog in training Riley who is such a big help to me. She is such a cuddle bug and she loves to hug. She will wrap her big hairy paws around my waist lay her head on my shoulder and just hold on to me. Everytime she does this I think to myself this is a little slice of heaven that the Lord left on Earth.

Thank You Lord for your Gifts!

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Drown Proofing

Definition of Drown Proofing :a survival technique, for swimmers or nonswimmers, in which the body is allowed to float vertically in the water, with the head submerged, the lungs filled with air, and the arms and legs relaxed, the head being raised to breathe every ten seconds or so. Origin of drownproofing Expand

Drown Proofing with God

I slowly sink

He lifts me up

I slowly sink

He lifts me up

I slowly sink

He lifts me up

Isaiah 66:13

As a mother comforts her child,

 So I will comfort you

Just keep swimming but let God be your Life Saver










Who is this Creator God


My breathing has on the whole been better this week. Praise the Lord.  My Chron’s disease is active and when that happens the fibromyalgia kicks up giving my pain in my lower back. I have been working through the pain by working around the house trying to move so I won’t stiffen up. When someone with this problem stops moving that’s when the stiffness and pain set in and then you have a real battle on your hand.

It’s a dull day on the farm and although it’s not hot the air is still humid . I was in two much pain to take the kittens to the farmers market where I usually find home for the them.

Spent time brushing out the dogs who are blowing coat and went to feed the cats outside. The skies are grey and it looks like  a storm is approaching. I love to look up at the huge pine trees with their boughs blowing in the breeze it makes me feel small and insignificant and I wonder why the Lord is so good to me


Who is this Creator God


Who is this thy creator God who made all things far and wide

Who calls my name and leads me home , he always by my side

He clothed me in white garments that will never ever stain

And with his words he teaches me my efforts won’t be in vain

On the days that I have had enough and some shelter I must find

I climb underneath his wings of love and my wounds he’ll tend and bind

After strengthening me he puts my feet back on the ground

And gives me a peace above all peace and I can see light all around

He ‘s provided a home for me and the best husband far & wide

And these are just a few things that he’s given me that I never thought I’d find

He listen’s to my heart and he knows my every dream

And gives to this poor pauper Joy, that runs through me like a living stream