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It’s Been A Long Road

It’s been a long road since I lasted posted in 2015. I was sidetracked by constant kidney stones that have ripped the tubes in my kidney so badly that I will have to have major surgery to repair it. This decision was made by my surgeon after many smaller surgeries failed to correct the problem. I did finally get off steroids but chronic pain and fatigue still continue to plague me. In an effort to help my doctor Vivian  Moir prescribed a service dog that would help me gain better mobility during painful attacks , prevent people from bumping into me during these times and hopefully medically alert me to dizzy periods that occur when I am physically active. She will also help me by picking up items that I drop to prevent further pain and dizziness.  Shortly after she (my service dog in training)  was prescribed my doctor passed away so she will never get to see the final result of her prescription. This saddens me but on down days when other doctors fail to understand my prethla of ailments and how they affect my day-to-day life I have a  furry 24 hr reminder of a doctor’s unfailing belief in my abilities to try to live as normal a life as possible and her kindness, compassionate care that was bestowed upon me and  all her patients.

Between surgeries I have been training my service dog in basic obedience and introducing her to the types of duties she will perform that will make my life a bit easier. Just a simple thing like picking up something i drop and returning it to me is a huge help. On days when Fibromyalgia is bad it is very painful to bend down and retrieve what I drop the dog will do that for me if I need it.

This Tues. I will meet the surgeon in his office to talk about the upcoming surgery on my kidney and schedule a date. I am nervous because this time they will cut me open and the healing time will be longer but it is a chance to be free of this terrible pain.

In upcoming blogs I will introduce you to Riley my service dog in training and talk about how God’s four legged miracle workers can help assist people  with chronic pain, and  fatigue. Even a little break from constant pain can reap great reward.