My Favorite Qoute

I was fortunate to be able to be married in a little stone church called St George ‘s Anglican Church, Sibbald Point Ontario. It was in that court-yard on a cold winter’s night that I had my first encounter with God and several years after that I would return and be married to the love of my life there.

It is a beautiful stone church built-in the Gothic Style back in 1876 and I visit it at least once a year to thank God for reaching out to me and forever changing me. We now live on a ten-acre farm about 29 min from the church and we have rescued our fair share of animals as well as opening  up our home to a number of young adults that were between homes. We never knew a head of time who would show up but our door was always open.

One day well exploring the church I read an inscription written in the front vestibule window which was given in memory of Mazo de la Roche a Canadian Writer. The window done in stain glass depicts St Francis of Assisi representing the theme of our responsibility to protect and preserve God’s Creatures . Written underneath at the bottom of the window lies my favorite saying “He prayeth best who loveth best all things (creatures) great and small.”

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