Doing Battle

In the hours just before dawn my slumber was interrupted by my old friend uncontrolled pain. I wrestled back and forth with it trying to beat it into submission with my mind.  I lost the battle. Not the war just one of many battles I face dealing with chronic pain  . As I started the day with a pain-killer  a thought sent shivers down my spine . If the pain was this bad at 49 what would I do when I was 59 . Right away I brushed it aside knowing the only way to keep my sanity was to live in the moment and leave the future to God. He is a much better manager than I am. I also know he is not finished with me yet. and I have more to do on this earth. So till he calls me homes  I will keep trying and praying for his help.

On a brighter note I focus on the day ahead. I have a Christmas Lunch with my bible study group and the fellowship with these ladies helps to lift me up. It seems that many of my sister’s in Christ are doing battle with  cancer, fibromyalgia,heart problems, diabetes etc. and it is their faith in the Lord that helps strengthen mine. It also reminds me that I am not alone. It’s amazing how healing  prayer, laughter and a warm hug is .

As our luncheon comes to an end I start for home fortified and stronger than when I came.




3 thoughts on “Doing Battle

  1. Funny I happened to come across this. My sleep was still interrupted last night by stomach pain. Have been having them about two and a half years now (along with other things). It helped me to read your post, and know that someone else out there may goes through pain and sickness, but still trusts God. Hang in there, and thanks for the post!

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