Perfection Awaites

Thank you  Lord for Your strength that carries me

Through all the anxiety when I can’t breathe

Your my remedy for all the things this world can’t fix

Your my path through this brokenness

I don’t know why I am going through this

But you promised to work it all for good, Your my bliss

Even though I long to be free of all the illness that plagues me

In Your faithfulness and truth I believe

I know this suffering doesn’t come from Your hand

It’s just a by-product of this sin cursed land

Nothing’s  perfect except for Your undying Love

And the hope I have, to live in Heaven above

I can’t wait to see You face to face

To say goodbye to pain and fear , save in your embrace

Lord how we’ll celebrate when I am finally home

When you delight my senses with gifts I have not sown

I can’t imagine the beauty that I will see

In your perfect gardens that I’ll explore with Thee

And I’ll rejoice in all the animals you created to bring us joy

As my eyes take in the wonders your hand deploys

To see all the Saints that will be my family, I can’t wait to see

Oh what a wonderous reunion that will be

And that’s how I get through these awful days

Because the hope I have in you makes them fade

For now its just something I take in stride

Knowing perfection awaits as time passes by

This last week has not been a good one for me having problems with chron’s disease, diabetes, asthma and fibromyalgia is not a cake walk. Not only is breathing hard but whenever I do anything I get terrible hot flashes and sweats my blood sugars are up to 13 still adjusting mediation which make me feel sick. I wrote this in the car while we were rushing to the hospital last night for another mask, I found writing helps me focus on something other than my breathing during the half hour ride to the hospital. Sorry I have not posted as much just too tired waiting to get in to see a lung specialist.


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