God’s Gifts


P ray continuously
A sk for everything than believe
I ntercession is what Jesus does on our behalf let Him bridge your pain
N othing is impossible with God trust Him

M ake room for healing learn to forgive
A lways remember Jesus loves you
N ever forget that somewhere people are fighting bigger battles
A ppreciate the small victories and celebrate them
G ods beauty is everywhere look for it in everything and everybody
E very tear that’s shed is seen by God talk to him even if your angry
M ake the effort to help someone else that’s hurting
E veryday should be celebrated, find something to be positive about
N ever give up God will give you strength and joy for each day
T ell someone about Jesus so they too can be embraced by a loving savior

Still the hot muggy weather continues in Ontario. I was hoping while we were enduring a very cold spring that this summer would be a cool one but no such luck. In addition to the trouble breathing in the humid air now that awful chest pain that I endured last summer has come back. I was back in emergency visiting the fine doctors and nurses in Lindsey Hospital and they could not account for the pain in my left lung. Heart tests were clear and they don’t think the small hole in my heart is causing a problem. I do have to get a stress test done but I am waiting to finish lung function tests in July first. A combination of not moving around much and not sleeping (side effect of the steroids) is starting to flare up my fibromyalgia so I am hoping the humid weather does not last long.

My old truck’s air conditioner decided to quit and it was just too much money to sink into the old gal so all last week we were looking for a new truck. My husband’s car does not have air conditioning so he was the one doing the looking. Living on a farm in a rural area we became great fan’s of the jeep and we managed to find a 2007  in our price range but it won’t be ready until Monday.

This is where I look back and think in spite of adversity the Lord is very good. All last week our neighbor drove me back and forth to work because I could not make the trip in my husband’s car without air conditioning. We could not have asked for better neighbours and the Lord has really used them to be a blessing to us. When things are really difficult it is so important that you keep on the look out for the good things that Lord is doing because sometimes they get lost in the storm. When this happens you miss the reminder that the Lord still has his hand on you and you’re not alone. I can honestly say the Lord has made me a better person through the hard times than when everything was smooth sailing.

When we got home from work last night the air conditioning in the house had blown a fuse and the house was very hot and humid. This would have meant another trip to the hospital in about an hour except our neighbor once again lent us her car and I sat in the driveway with the air conditioning running until my bedroom was cool enough to return to.

Now most people would have been upset about spending two hours in a car but armed with a laptop I was free to pursue my favorite hobby writing. I had the time to set up my other blog Godspoetbychoice-The Journey Continues. (Locked myself out of my first blog Godspoetbychoice – can’t remember the password ). Again as I was working on that blog the Lord reminded me of another gift he had given me. A tender-hearted father who had taught me at a young age to write poems and stories as a way of escaping the chronic pain that plagued me all through childhood. He taught me how to have a vivid imagination where nothing was impossible and all the while I am sure my father had no idea that the Lord was using him to teach me a tool in which I could use to point other to the Lord and his Goodness.

Even though I am stuck in a small room with no views of the farm I love so much I can escape these four walls anytime I want. All I have to do is pick up pen and paper and simply float away. My first blog Godspoetbychoice was a lifeline when battling respiratory flu and asthma last summer and if you check it out you will find some articles with pictures that will give you a glimpse of what animals reside here and some of the natural beauty that surrounds our farm. I wanted with all my heart this summer to be out and about working on the farm but if that doesn’t happen as much as I wanted I know the Lord will bless me in other ways.

I know this coming week in Ontario the weather is going to get even more humid and I would greatly appreciate any prayers for continued healing of my lungs

2 thoughts on “God’s Gifts

  1. My Abba remember when the doctors said my shoulder was forever disabled? Then you touched me and made it like new. My sister in Jesus needs for You my Abba to touch her and make her like new. Will you heal her because I love her? Will You my Abba heal her because You love me? Will you my Abba heal her because You love her? Abba we love You! Thank-You for loving us first, Amen

    • Thank you so much for your prayers I think it is such a blessing to have other Christians pray for you GodBless

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