The Journey

This blog is about how my relationship with Christ helps me live out my dream of helping others despite battling chronic illness. Ten years ago we left the city and bought a small ten-acre hobby farm with the dream of using the animals to help give hope,happiness, and love to others that need a leg up on life. Over the years we have had a number of kids and young adults enjoy working with the animals and we have seen how the Lord can use his creation to bring joy and hope to others. It has also given us the chance to witness and introduce others to the Lord and his faithfulness. For quite awhile I have enjoyed a season of fairly good health despite a number of health challenges but now I am experiencing a number of setbacks and increasing pressure from friends and family to give up the farm.

This journey has been filled with both joy,happiness,pain and sorrow and the Lord has used every minute to help shape me into a better likeness of himself. This blog is a personal journal of our decision to keep the farm , my battle with illness and how the Lord continues to be faithful despite difficult times.

It is my hope that others with chronic illness will come to know the Lord and his faithfulness and have the courage to reach for their dreams for nothing is impossible with God.


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